Leader Speech
Mr.Xiaoyi Li, Chairman of the Board, General Manager, Deputy Secretary of theParty Committee of Jincheng Corporation

The vast of sky lies in its width. The vast of human lies in his mind.

When the vast of human melted into that of the sky, the sky will become vaster. So does human mind.

At the founding ceremony of P.R.C on October 1st,1949, when the fist aircraft repaired by Jincheng flied over Tian’anmen Square, where it was to receive review , Jincheng was destined to be tightly bounded to the sky, which built its broad mind and lofty aspirations.

Striding forward through difficulties, Jincheng experienced more than 60 years of ups and downs from overhaul of aircraft engines to the production of aviation accessories. Special vehicle business was growing out of nothing. It explored and expanded through external acquisition and capital operation. Through more than 60 years, Jincheng people got to understand heaven and earth changes, observed the rhythm of numerous things, and played to the score. It endured great hardships in pioneer work. It is progressive, enthusiastic and striving with the ideal for better so that it can have great career achievements till today, and can lay a solid foundation to work at the great projects now underway.

As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a man of noble character should constantly strive for self-perfection. Looking into the future, Jincheng people will continually carry forward Jincheng spirits “overcome hardships and dangers, improve the team cooperation, challenge the limits and make one’s dream come true”, focus on the growth and sharing of created value. It is striving to build Jincheng into one of the production, of the services, and of the world so that the customers can experience its value and the employees share the achievements. We aim to build Jincheng into a window to invite world people to get to know AVIC Electromechanical Systems, a famous manufacturer of producing transportation equipment, a model of high-end business of global aviation technology, and then a multinational enterprise group with international competitiveness so that Jincheng is growing from one of China to one of the world.