Brief Introduction of Jincheng Corporation

Established in 1949, Jincheng Corporation is affiliated to Aviation Industry Corporation of China. Jincheng Corporation, started with aircraft industry, now owns core technology of aviation mechanical and hydraulic integration after many years of development and changes. It has advanced production technologies and production capacities of precision machinery, black foundry, nonferrous alloy casting, plastics, stamping, welding, coating, forging, assembly experiment and so on. Jincheng Corporation has five pillar industries such as transportation, special vehicle, automobile, international trade, and modern service industry. At present, Jincheng Corporation is mainly engaged in semi-trailer, tank truck, sanitation vehicles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, engineering machinery, rail transportation, hybrid, auto parts and other civil products development, production and sales, auto parts. It also works on international trade, domestic and international investment and tertiary industry development. It owns independent rights for overseas operation, foreign trade and foreign affair. Based on the guidance of traceable technologies and products, collaborative development of whole industry, Jincheng has now developed into a diversified corporation possessing core competitiveness and tremendous comprehensive strength.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Jincheng Corporation will develop advanced production, serve modern life with development concepts of “manufacturing oriented, one body with two wings, related diversified”, positioning itself as an important platform for “ industrial manufacturing” and “modern services”, with responsibility ideas of “creating value, sharing growth” and mission of “Smart Creation · Beautiful Life”.